The Origin of Green Table

  Picture from Annie Sloan's book Creating the French Look

Not a day goes by that someone asks me why we are called Green Table Gifts, what is the origin of our name? I secretly laugh to myself when I think, if only you knew the true story. Annie must have known all of the trouble I had this summer with our now "infamous" Green Table (I like to think we are famous already). If only I had known Annie 6 months earlier. No I don't mean "Annie" the person, I mean Annie's wonderful chalk paint. We might have ended up with an entirely different name.

True to my belief of renewing and re purposing I had purchased some tables from a closing book store, now these were not really my style, but the bones are good, the price was right, and I had a vision to stain the entire table to a dark walnut finish. I thought a day of sanding and painting would transform these into the look I was envisioning.

I started with a sheet of sandpaper in my hand, quickly realizing that with the sizzling Arizona heat in May this would not do, think smarter, not harder! So I took a trip to Sears to purchase a belt sander. I went through 8 sanding belts trying to get through the rock hard finish on the table top, they must have used marine grade sealant on this because the sand paper was really getting gummed up. This trial and error took days and it felt like we were getting nowhere. Finally with the help of my dad we were able to finish the top (only the top!) and stain it the dark color I loved so much. Looking at the incomplete legs was making my head spin. We had five tables that still needed to be replicated. So the idea of saving time and painting the bottoms of the tables was born.

 The infamous Green Table during Thanksgiving time

I wish I could say the story ends there, and that we really did save time. However, many more days of painting with messy, smelly oil based paint followed. I thought that was the only thing out there to grip on to the slick finish.  I thought I had no choice, or did I?

 Months later I was in California seeking out wonderful treasures to bring back for the store and kept hearing about Annie Sloan's chalk paint. Everything I saw had a beautiful satin velvety finish to it. I knew I had to have it right then and there! I wanted everyone else in Arizona to be able to have this wonderful product,  and to not have the same experience I had not so many months ago. I am looking forward to showing you more projects we have transformed with this wonderful paint and encourage you to send me your pictures of before and after. I would love to see what you are working on also.

*I also apologize for the bad pictures of our beloved green table, this is what I had available to show you just pieces of what we ended up with, it stands proudly at the front of our store greeting customers every day..

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