Not Old...Vintage! // A Chalk Paint® Party

I would love to share with you a very fun day I had a couple of weeks ago with a fabulous group of friends. The birthday girl, Chase was celebrating a birthday (29th of course!) and wanted to treat all of her best girl friends to something special. First, I must say how thoughtful is that that she chose her day to give back to the people in her life that meant the most to her. I have to tell you this was one fun group to be with! Chase wanted to make a magnetic chalkboard for everyone to take home with them and remember their time together. I loved the idea and knew our Chalk Paint® would fit the bill!

We picked a vintage frame for everyone to transform and had previously cut our sheet metal to size (this can be a tough thing to do depending on the gauge of metal you choose, be careful when cutting!) and let the ladies get to work! We started by painting our metal with Chalk Paint® in Graphite. (yes, you can paint metal this paint does it all) we needed 2-3 coats depending on how thickly the paint was applied. We were outside for this garden party so everything dried quickly!

Everyone got to work on the frame that was given to them. They all got to pick colors that would match their homes and personalities, Provence, Primer Red, Olive, and Pure White were some of the options that were chosen that night, some of my favorites.

No photo-op got past this group, we had fun snapping pictures of their work completed so far and playing around with the frames. Chase's adorable son even got in the action. Can you say adorable.

 But don't worry we weren't all work and no play ;) We made sure to take a break and refill on Chase's delicious sangria bar with fresh fruit. It was all so yummy, and the cupcakes looked like a real bouquet of flowers! They were skillfully made by Sweet Aroma Cupcake Bouquets and Confections right here in Mesa, AZ.
Yummy treats and drinks for the guests!

I had so much fun with this awesome group of girls, most all live in the same neighborhood a couple of doors down from one another. They make me want to move to their community. I can honestly say I know one of my neighbors, there is something special all of these girls share and I was so lucky to share one night of it with them.


  1. What a great idea!!!!!! Looks like the ladies had a fabulous time!!! Nice job Patty!!!!

    Amanda P.

    1. Thanks Amanda,
      It was really a fun night had by all! Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi.

  2. Replies
    1. It's always fun having a Chalk paint party, but these girls made it over the top with lots of laughs.
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.