For a special little girl, Brianne.

This piece is for a very special little girl, Brianne. Now, I have know Brianne well before she was born. Her mother is the only sister to a very dear friend of mine. Someone who was my bridesmaid, and have known for such a long time that we have gone from being college aged students working at cosmetic counters in department stores, to getting married, and starting families, and to starting our own businesses.  Isn't that what friends are about. Watching each other grow and spread out in our own ways.

Well sometimes life takes a very different direction than what we would have hoped for. This special little girl that I mentioned has had to grow up in a very big way very quickly over the past couple of months. She was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Now this came out of left field for everyone. This is a beautiful, bright, and active little girl! So when a low grade fever just didn't go away after a couple of days everyone was caught off guard when the results came in stating she had Leukemia. Treatment started within days and Brianne's world (and that of her family has been turned upside down since then)

Hillary (Brianne's aunt) feeling hopeless decided to help in anyway she could. Managing the treatments and long hospital stays had replaced Brianne's mother's full time job. So Hillary has arranged a special silent auction and boutique to help pay for the enormous medical costs July 21st. Well, we were all in! Here is a picture of that special little girl, Brianne. She is a strong fighter and I am sure she will get past this with flying colors.

This desk is created just for Brianne and her cause, in fact we now call ourselves part of Brianne's Brigade. Everyone rallying together to help lift this little girl and her family through this difficult time. You can find out more at  www.briannesbrigade.com on how to donate, attend the event, or just keep up on her treatments and send your prayers.

The desk will be part of the silent auction and was painted in Chalk Paint (tm) decorative paint in Graphite with Pure White french script lettering on top. Want to learn where I got this beautiful stencil? Check out www.royaldesignstudio.com  they have ah-mazing stencils that will blow your mind away, definitely not your grandma's stenceling from the 80's! Lets show you a closer look of the stencil.

 I also wanted to emulate the look of enamel that has started to chip off on the hardware, so that has been fittingly updated with Pure white Chalk Paint and distressed to expose the metal  underneath.

Two nice drawers on the far right and left to hide all of the little things that keep you organized.

However, the Middle drawer has a slide out drawer that folds out to store away your laptop, or keyboard, or maybe just a favorite book like me!

This would be perfect for any home, I hope you can pass it on to anyone who is out looking for a unique piece to complete their home, all of the funds raised go to help pay for Brianne's medical costs. Mark your calendar for July 21st from 3-7pm for your chance to place a bid to win this one of a kind Parisian inspired desk.
Please also remember to pray for Brianne and her family as this is a long road ahead of two more years of treatments. 

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