Remember Us?

At certain points in time in the life of a blogger, there are so many balls in the air, that one is bound to be dropped.  I bet you can guess which one we dropped.  I hate excuse but - we have some really good ones, I promise.

For starters, I found the love of my life and... I got married!

(all photos done by the fabulous Moments Defined Photography)

With running a store, making things for the wedding, and planning the most fabulous honeymoon ever, you can imagine that we were more than just a little bit busy these last couple of months.  I was lucky enough to have a fiance that was active and involved in all of the planning (YES, he really did help with everything).  Along with my fabulous bridesmaids, friends, and family. Again I hate excuses, but we are getting on track again and have so many fun things in the works to show you. Stay tuned for even more info on painting, local artists, and just the everyday stuff we are doing around Green Table Gifts..

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