My Afternoon with Annie Sloan

I finally went to Europe! I had been dreaming of this since I was a little girl and it was now finally happening. My sweet Hubby planned a fantastic 2 weeks in Europe to see the must haves in London, Paris, and Rome. (I'm still pinching myself that this even happened) As if this wasn't enough my hubby even planned a day trip to Oxford to go visit Annie and see where she draws inspiration from.

It was only about a 35 minute train ride from Paddington Station. and it was very easy finding Annie's shop. If you turn to the last page in your Workbook there is a line sketch by Annie of the front of her shop and it looks exactly like that! See!

We got to shop around her quaint store full of beautiful fabrics (oh, I wish I could have taken them all home!) hand turned wood pulls, and brightly painted ceramic knobs mixed in with furniture painted by the inventor of Chalk Paint® decorative paint. We headed two doors down for a quick bite to eat at a little cafe named Coco's. This cafe was also bursting with unique character and excellent food and also had one of the best iced coffees we had the entire European trip.

We were already so lucky to spend this time with Annie and were so pleased to hear we could walk around a little into Oxford University.

As Annie warned she was a fast walker, this was a picture Sean took of us from behind walking the narrow streets of the University, but we didn't mind the speed that just meant we covered more ground that afternoon.

Now coming from Arizona where we are not lucky to have many buildings even 100 years old I was fascinated by every little detail, the manicured lawns and gardens, to the brickwork and cobblestones.
Pride in every detail! Spring was starting to peek out in England and delicate pink blossoms freckled the trees as we were walking around town.

When we next go back I must get a closer look at the Botanical Gardens and go punting on the river. This town has so many wonderful thing to see, and I could see the pride in Annie as she would tell us about the chapels her boys sung in choirs at an early age, and her husbands college with rich history and beautiful grounds. Annie walks these paths often and we were grateful to get just this one afternoon to see things through her eyes. I can't wait to go back and explore Oxford more.

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