Spooky Vintage Doll Heads

I guess I've never really grown up, I still like to play with dolls.  Instead of playing house, feeding, rocking and putting to sleep my baby dolls like when I was little, I cut them apart and use them in my art projects and jewelry.  In the past I've used Frozen Charlottes, Barbies and Vintage Baby Dolls in my jewelry and art projects. I love to use them in my holiday projects and Halloween is no different! 

I’ve collected many vintage doll heads over the years, while they are spooky and creepy on their own, I knew I could kick their creepiness up a notch!

I painted them with a metallic silvery paint, covered them with some crackle medium and added some black and brown paint to strategic areas.

I left her teeth white on purpose, I really wanted them to pop!

For the necklaces I used molded dolls that were about 3” tall.  I had to remove their heads from their bodies so I drug out my jewelers saw to cut off their heads!  Then I poked and cut out their eyes, I wanted their heads to look hollow.  I painted their heads grey and crackled them and enhanced their missing eyes with black paint.  I drilled a hole in the tops of their heads, added a jump ring and a chain to make them into necklaces!  Don’t worry I don’t let the rest of the doll go to waste, I paint and wire wrap their arms and legs and turn them into charms!

I hope these have inspired you to create something creepy for your Halloween décor!

{Authored by Mandy of A Whimsical Flea Market & Green Table Gifts}

{Photos by Liz of Green Table Gifts}


  1. What crackle medium did you use? I can't seem to get cracks near that big

    1. I haven't done this project but I've used crackle in the past. I have found that the thicker you put the crackle medium down, the bigger the cracks. The thinner the crackle layer, the smaller the cracks.

  2. Where can I find old vintage doll heads like this?

  3. What are you using as the base?

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