Art that Inspires // Winifred Street Message Art by Terry Parvan

When I first saw Winifred Street-Message Art, I immediately connected with the passion of the artist, Terry Parvan. Her art is simplistic and yet a powerful collage of beautiful colors and captivating designs. While I love bright colors and design it was what her pieces said that resonated with me.

Covering journals, note cards, gift tags, and wall hangings are phrases such as “live your passion”, “love is the breath of the soul”, and “write your own story”. Some may think that those kind of sayings can be found all over the place, but the back drop and surrounding art bring to life a picture of those words that cannot be found anywhere. There are many times in life when things are not going how one would like, or perhaps they are going perfect, either way there is a message in Terry’s art for everyone. It inspired me to start a journal filled only with sayings and quotes that have impacted my life, to take time to focus on what the words are saying.

 In a world full of flashy images and digital pictures, it is easy to forget the power of a few simple words.

See more of Terry Parvan's art in our shop or on her Facebook page.

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  1. I'm sitting here reading this beautiful piece with tears in my eyes. Thank you Sarah for sharing your heart and soul and your generous spirit with others. XO