Learn It // Color Tinted Wax

This little piece has been getting a lot of interest in our store. How did we get this amazing color? We tinted soft wax with Chalk Paint®! This look is easier than you'd think and results in a high-end custom look.

Simply paint on your base color and distress to your liking. We chose Duck Egg Blue. 

Next, blend and mixture of half clear wax and half Chalk Paint®. We chose Olive to blend with our wax. 

Then brush on your wax and wipe off with cheesecloth just like you would with clear or dark soft wax. Let the color settle into the furniture's details and soak into the base coat to create a whole new look on your piece. 

Just when you thought you were limited to clear and dark wax, the possibilities are endless!


  1. Beautiful. Love the color combination.

  2. I must try this. I have always been a bit unsure of adding chalk paint to the wax, but this is really lovely!

  3. Olive with Duck Egg Blue?! Never in a million years would I put those two colors together -- and yet the end result is gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for this! Just painted some chairs with white chalk paint but don't want to use dark wax....thanks!