Chalk Paint® Chunky Bunny Tutorial - March Mix & Mingle

This month at Mix & Mingle we learned how to tint Annie's Decoupage Varnish and we made these adorable chunky bunnies!

We love working in our Annie Sloan Work Book every month to keep track of all the new techniques and projects! 

Annie's Decoupage Varnish is a craft room staple for us. We use it for projects like this bunny and also image transfers on furniture.

Here is a quick tutorial if you want to make your own bunny at home!


1. Wood bunny - we found ours online but most craft stores have something similar during the Spring

2. Annie Sloan's Decoupage Varnish

3. Old dictionary or book page

6. Twine

7. Cottonball

Basics: foam brush, pencil, scissors, hot glue, q-tip, sandpaper


1. Paint a wood bunny with Old White Chalk Paint® 

2. We sanded ours a bit to get a shabby chic look

3. We skipped the wax because we wanted a chalky finish on this project

4. Use your wood bunny to trace and cut an old dictionary or book page to size

5. Apply a thin coat of Decoupage Varnish to the bunny

6. Place your book page on top and smooth

7. Place another thin coat of Decoupage Varnish over the book page

8. While the Decoupage Varnish is still wet use a q-tip to apply a bit of Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint® to the ears and nose. This will create a watercolor/tinting effect.

9. When your bunny is dry, glue on a cotton ball tail and tie some twine or ribbon around the bunny's neck

Teaching workshops is one of our favorite parts about being Chalk Paint® stockists. We love the time we get to spend getting to know our amazing customers!

We love seeing our regular customers and meeting new ones every month!

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