Chalk Paint® on Upholstery - Debbie's Living Room

Our customers ask us all the time if they can REALLY use Chalk Paint® to paint upholstery. The answer is yes! Our instructor Debbie painted a vintage sofa and chair in her living room and it turned out amazing and has stood the test of time. We'll walk you through the steps here so you can do your own project at home!

First you'll need to choose your colors. Debbie chose French Linen for the fabric sections and Old White for the wood base, legs, and trim. She finished the piece with clear wax and used a natural bristle brush by Annie Sloan. 

How do you know if you fabric will work? You can see from the photo above what Debbie was working with originally. It had a pattern on it but was fairly smooth in texture. Natural fibers work best but you can also have great results with smoother synthetic fabrics and even leather! We don't recommend and velvety fabrics or designs with a lot of texture.

To begin, first spritz a small section of your piece with water in a spray bottle. Then thin your paint with a bit of water and apply paint in even coats. Your first coat will look splotchy like the above photo. Go ahead and let it dry over night and we promise it will all even out in the end. When dry apply a second coat, this time do not spritz and only use a small amount of water to thin the paint, now let that coat dry over night. Apply another coat if needed. Debbie only used two coats, French Linen has such good coverage. We also recommend sanding the painted surface in between each coat to keep the paint from getting crusty.

When you have nice even coverage of your desired color go ahead and wax your piece with clear wax just as you would a piece of wood furniture! Make sure you thoroughly wipe off your wax until if feels dry to the touch and not sticky. Let your piece cure for a few days and then it's ready for sitting!

 Here is Debbie's completed chair and sofa. Isn't it dreamy! 

Stop on in the store with a photo of the piece you want to paint and we will walk you through your project!

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